Friday, February 4, 2011

Gosick and Cleveland, Ohio!

So, I'm into a new anime! It's called Gosick, it's a murder-mystery type of thing, and it seems pretty cool. Sadly, it only has four episodes so far, but in about an hour or so (seriously), the next one should be out! :D

I selected for it to play in HD. Heh. It's SO AWESOME. O_O So is the ending song!

HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!? SO AWESOME. And, tomorrow (yes, the plans were changed), we're driving out to Cleveland for that Black and White promotional tour! I'll be sure to bring my camera to take pictures and post them on WBP! Also, Aidan, happy? I posted so you can stalk me some more! xD

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Walnut Grove...where everyone is nuts.

So, I went to this restaurant today. Walnut Grove. Nice place, nice food, blabbity blah. But...that place made me crack up so bad...just look at this list of crazyness.

  • I had to wait 20 minutes to get seated, and my grandma freaked out about us having to wait at the person behind the counter in the front.
  • Our waiter said to us when he passed us up "Okay ladies, I'll be right with you."...I'm not a lady.
  • Later, the waiter comes over, and while telling us about the menu...he gives us a mini-speech about the word spiel.
  • There was a dude who was walking out of a room holding all of these glasses. (He was a waiter.) He walks into the wall, turns around, spins around, and never leaves the room.
  • Me and my grandmother both ordered the Chicken Ciabatta Club, mine without horseradish, and her's without horseradish or bacon. Her side was a baked sweet potato, and mine was french fries. They put her sandwich with the french fries, and mine with the potato.
  • A man comes up to us a few minutes later, and asks us about the mistake with the sandwiches. We said it was fixed, and that it was fine. He says okay, and then points to my grandma and says "Oh my Gawd, I LOOVE your velour jumpsuit! I have one at home, and it's my day off outfit. Ahaha!" and walks away. TOTALLY unexpected. XD
...that was fun.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh God, My Day Was Terrible.

Started out as any normal day. Went through school crap, played on the computer, etc. Later, we (Me, my mother, and my grandmother) went to Walmart. Me and my mother had a terrible argument, but we eventually got over it and we were okay. We went to Eat 'n Park, and we ordered some food, and I got some chicken soup. I ate it, it was delicious...then I started feeling my throat closing up. I stood up, taking deep breaths while having a panic attack, and my mom screams "SOMEONE CALL 911!" I could talk, but I felt like my throat was all stuffed up. A woman at a table near us flips out her cellphone, calls 911, runs around the restaurant to get the address of where we were at, and she did all of this in about 40 seconds. Amazing. In the end I was fine, didn't have to go to the hospital or anything, and had a nice dinner. But, I can't thank that woman enough. Her name is Sherry Burnside. She was a nurse, and even though it was her job to help people, most people wouldn't do something like that, and it was such a great thing for her to do. She is absolutely one of the best people I have ever met. If anyone who knows her reads this, I just want to say, thank her for me, because without her help, I don't know what would have happened. :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bad Apple English Fandub

Okay, so, I have no idea what Touhou is. :P But, I found this awesome song called Bad Apple from the series. (I think it's a game series...) Someone named Cristina Vee made such an awesome fandub, that I like it even more than the original.


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

So, I got Golden Sun: Dark Dawn yesterday! It's a pretty awesome game. I checked out some online reviews, and they say that the game has a "9 hour opening" and "it takes too long to get to the good part". Well, I disagree. It does take an hour or two to get on an adventure, but that's because your stupid friend crashed the Soarwing. (Some flying contraption created by Ivan) You're Issac's kid (Issac is the previous protagonist), and you go on an adventure to get some feather to re-build the soarwing. You go on the adventure with Ivan's daughter Karis, and Garet's son Tyrell. (Ivan and Garet are also previous protagonists) Later you meet this kid named Rief, a student of Kraden, and he joins you too. (I think his name was Kraden...and, to be honest, I can't remember his part in the previous games. It's been a while.) Now, maybe the "9 hour opening" was getting this feather, and that I'm not even in the true game yet. Oh well. Either way though, I love it. The graphics are pretty good, and you should see the graphics when you make a summon in a battle! (You know, when you have standby djinn, you can summon) The puzzles do seem a little easier than in the older games, but I got older and have played way more JRPG's since then, so, maybe that's why. I love the Djinn, because they seem easier to find. I already have 9, and I'm barely anywhere yet. There are some that are hard to find. I rarely see Mercury (Water) Djinn, and Jupiter (Wind) Djinn have angered me ever since the older games. Ugh, always having to chase those little jerks around...sigh. Mars (Fire) Djinn seem harder to get to when I see them, but I already have 2. One I just found in a random battle on the World Map, and I can't remember where I saw the other one. I've seen...I think 3 more since then, but couldn't figure out how to get to any of them. I already have 4 Venus (Earth) Djinn, I think those are the easiest to get.

So, that's what I think of the game. In a nutshell: awesome. I recommend it if you're an RPG player. See you all in another rant, game review, or whatever later!


So, this is My Life is Random (MLIR). Yeah, the name is based off of MLIA (My Life is Average). To be honest, I've only visited that site, like, once, but my friend loves it, and I had no other ideas. I've actually had this blog up for about half a year, but was too lazy to make the banner/header/whatever for it, and to actually work to make it decent, so I didn't do anything with it. Basically, this place is for me to talk about whatever I feel like bit**ing about (excuse my language), and have whoever is interested in other people's ideas/stalking me read it all. Basically one of those blogs where all I do is talk about me, and occasionally some friends. Who knows, maybe I'll invite a best friend or two to yap about themselves too. I'll probably be making a post soon, so keep your...eyes peeled? I think that's what the saying was...whatever.